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Our Service

We offer you and your company an easy way to manage the holiday forms, sick leave forms, special leave forms (for maternity, paternity, compassionate leave and time in lieu) and expense forms for your employees, all at a very low cost.

Our solution allows each employee to submit any of the forms for approval from the manager, online and paperless. The system will keep track the number of days for the holidays, sick leave etc for the current year and the employee’s entitlement for the ease of management. You can email a summary of the forms to yourself, either as an employee or as a manager. There is also auto-email notification for both manager and employee when a form is submitted or approved. The system allows multi-structure in an organisation where a manager can submit forms for approval to his own manager. A manager is also able to easily view which employee is on leave on certain date in a calendar layout. This paperless solution would remove a lot of problems such as missing or misplaced papers, forgotten filings etc, and a lot of headaches associated with managing these day to day routines, allowing you to run your business efficiently.

Everything is done online, which allows the manager to approve or reject the forms, and for the employees to submit, cancel, modify or view their forms even though they may be working remotely or in another part of the world. Only a web browser is required.

Give us a try (free trial) and find out for yourselves on how easy it could be!


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